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Traffic cameras are an increasingly popular option for police departments in the United States, and many municipalities have been using them to enforce traffic laws, including speeding, weaving, and reckless driving.

In New Jersey, some departments have begun using cameras to collect traffic violations, and some municipalities are now using them in conjunction with cameras to monitor the state’s population.

In the state, the cameras can cost as little as $50 to $100 per month.

However, the fees can be a significant drain on budgets and can result in delays.

The NJ Transit Department recently announced that its traffic cameras have added a new fee to cover the cost of installing them, but it didn’t say how much it would cost to install them.

According to the NJ Transit, the fee will be added to the $5 per month fare that is already collected from drivers.

In addition, the agency said that the new fee is for the installation of the cameras and not for any other services.

According the NJ Transportation Department, the installation costs are included in the monthly fee that is charged to drivers.

“The fee is included in each vehicle’s monthly ticket and includes the cost to set up and operate the camera and any related fees and taxes,” the agency wrote.

“This fee is also included in a vehicle’s total operating expenses for operating the vehicle.”

Other cities have been more forthcoming about their plans to implement cameras.

According to a recent report by the Associated Press, the California Highway Patrol recently began collecting the cost for installation of a traffic camera.

The report stated that the cost includes “maintenance and other costs to maintain the system, the cost per unit of footage, the costs to install cameras, the charges for using the camera, and the associated training.”

In addition to California, New York City recently began installing traffic cameras in several neighborhoods, including Prospect Park and Westchester County, which will begin collecting the fees for the system on October 3.

The AP also noted that in New York, the city will not charge a fee for each violation.

Instead, the new traffic cameras will pay for themselves by capturing information on drivers’ speeds, the number of cars traveling through a particular area, the length of a given lane, and whether or not a driver has passed a stop sign or signal.

The cost for the camera system is included as part of the drivers’ monthly license plate fee.

According a statement by the NJ State Police, the initial cost for installing the traffic cameras was $10,000.

The initial cost of installation of additional cameras is $10 million, which is being paid by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The New Jersey Transportation Department said in a statement that the state has received over $2.5 billion in revenue since the installation began in November 2014.

The New Jersey Traffic Enforcement Division and the NJ Department of Licensing and Regulation received an additional $1.2 billion from the revenue.

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