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An analysis by The Irish Sun has found the Dublin City Council’s traffic cameras are failing to capture enough red light offences.

The red light camera programme was designed to save motorists money by collecting data on the number of times vehicles were stopped.

But the scheme has come under fire from the local community who have said it has been “trying to fix problems that have existed for decades”.

The City of Dublin has said it will launch a consultation to address the issue and that the cameras will remain in place.

It said the traffic cameras will be operational in the next four to five years.

But the data collection system, which began in October last year, is still in a “very early stage”.

Its first phase will see the city’s traffic management team install cameras at traffic lights and intersections.

But this will not be completed until 2021, while the second phase will be completed by 2022.

The City said it would continue to implement the system in the coming years.

It added that the number and type of offences recorded will be monitored and “further enhanced”.

“We will continue to ensure we take the right actions to ensure the right number of offences are recorded,” a spokesperson said.

However, it said the City would not be able to provide figures on the volume of offences that are being collected, and that “there is no official data on red light cameras in the UK”.

What we know so far about red light tickets issued by Dublin’s traffic camera systemSource: The Irish Daily Mail The Irish Sun investigation found that in the first quarter of this year, 1,732 red light-related offences were recorded by the traffic camera network, with about 2,100 of these being for offences such as failing to stop for a red light, or failing to have a red flag, and the remaining 2,800 offences being for a variety of offences including driving without insurance or not wearing a seatbelt.

In total, the City recorded more than 1,200 red light and traffic offences in the last financial year, with the majority of these recorded at traffic light poles.

The majority of the offences were related to pedestrians, but also included other vehicles and vehicles parked on the footpath.

The data was obtained through Freedom of Information requests to the city and the Department of Transport.

A spokeswoman for Dublin City said the data had been compiled over the last year.

She said: “We have no intention of stopping this program and we are actively pursuing the programme.”

The data is available for use by the City to inform the programme and it is part of a continuous process that will be reviewed by the Department for the City of Transport to ensure it is operating in accordance with its legal obligations.

“In its submission to the City, Transport for Dublin said the system had been implemented in line with all the law and regulations.

It argued that, although the traffic enforcement system was “one of the largest in the country” and had been in place for many years, it was “the subject of some criticism from the community and some opposition”.”

The system has been criticised for not recording offences for which there is no evidence of a breach of law and this has resulted in some drivers being fined more than once,” it said.”

Some of the offending offences have been reported by members of the public and some have been made to pay by the offending driver.

“There has also been concern about the accuracy of the data and the use of the traffic data as part of the enforcement process.”

A spokesperson for the Department said that the Department was reviewing the program and would “work with the City and any stakeholders to continue to improve the program”.

“Our work is focused on ensuring that the City’s red light enforcement system is effective and meets the needs of the community,” they said.

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