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Indianapolis traffic control systems are “toxic” and “the problem” with “high-risk” software.

IndyStar has learned of multiple incidents in recent weeks in which traffic control personnel are reporting a “faulty” system or “bad software.”

According to the company that runs the systems, a major glitch in a recently installed “driver-initiated” system has left drivers unable to operate the systems in the event of a “collision” with another vehicle.

This system has been used since the mid-1990s and was developed to provide traffic control and enforcement services.

The technology was originally created by an Indiana University computer science professor and the company’s president, John C. Foy, said.

“The problems were identified in 2017, and we have fixed them and made them better,” Foy said in an email.

“The new system is safer and more reliable than the old one, which was flawed.”

The company has been working on a new system that uses more advanced sensors and software.

The company says it is confident that it will be ready in time for the 2019 Indy 500.

Foy declined to discuss what caused the glitches, but he said that one reason the company was unable to deploy the new system was because it was not available to the public.

“There was a lot of misinformation out there and some of that was based on what was publicly available at the time,” Foys said.

“There was no public, certified software at the point we were able to develop it.”

The IndyStar investigation found numerous instances in which a driver is unable to use the system due to “unspecified” hardware or software issues.

One of those drivers, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was stopped by police because his driver’s license plate was broken.

When he tried to use his new license plate, he said he couldn’t see the license plate because it wasn’t attached to the vehicle.

“When they asked me to put it on, I couldn’t,” he said.

Another driver, who requested anonymity, said she was stopped on the southbound I-465 highway in Bloomington by a police officer who “wasnt even looking” for her vehicle.

The officer said she needed a driver’s licence and ID and that he couldnt provide them because the vehicle wasn’t in his possession.

The driver said she asked the officer to “put my license on.”

After she asked for her ID, the officer told her to take her ID away and to “be quiet,” she said.

She said she refused and was told that she was “trying to get through.”

She said she told the officer that she did not have a driver license and that she didn’t have a license plate.

She was then asked to get out of the car and was asked again to get her ID.

When she refused again, the cop allegedly asked, “Who are you?”

When she refused, the man said he asked the officers to arrest her.

The officer told the woman she was not being arrested, but was asking if she was a threat.

She said he told her, “Thats how they get you,” she recalled.

The man, who also asked to remain unidentified, said that he was “terrified” to go to the police station because he felt he would not be safe there.

He said that his wife also told him that she believed that if she didn´t report the incident to the Indiana State Police, the troopers would not believe him.

He said that she told him he had to be afraid of the cops.

“I was very fearful for my family,” he told IndyStar.

“I thought they would not trust me.

They said if I reported it, then they would believe me.”

Another driver said he had been stopped by Bloomington police on I-65 near Indianapolis and that they had “not given me my license plate or my identification.”

He said the officer asked him to pull over because his car had been totaled.

When he refused, he was asked to step out of his car and told that he needed to be “more careful.”

When he refused again and again, he told the man he was going to report the issue to the State Police.

“It was just another example of the disrespect and disrespect of the law,” he recalled.

“What are they doing?

They are not trying to be honest with you.

They are just using you as a human shield.”

One of the drivers who was stopped told Indystar that the officer did not look him in the eye and did not give him his license plate number or identification.

Another of the people who was pulled over told Indyback that the officers asked if they were from the Indiana Department of Transportation and that the driver said “no” when they asked.

One of them told Indy back that he had not been arrested and that “he did not know what was going on.”

When IndyStar contacted the department, a spokesperson told the newspaper

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