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In his book, “Traffic Signal Madness,” Mark Purdy reports that the NFL implemented a traffic light design that is different from that of other sports.

Purdy, who wrote the book about the traffic light changes for the league, told CBS Sports that the league was trying to create a new system that would “keep you off the grid and out of the way of the grid.”

“They were trying to make the traffic signal bigger, better, and more effective, but they also had to change the design of the traffic lights so they were more like a traffic circle,” Purdy said.

According to Purdy, the league initially planned to use a four-point intersection for the signals, but the traffic circle would have been too large for the field and had to be reduced.

Instead, the NFL adopted a grid design that uses three traffic circles and a six-point signal, but a four signal and six-circle intersection would have served more purposes for the stadium.

Purdy said that the change in design was a response to an incident involving an NFL football player.

In that incident, a man was allegedly spotted throwing a punch during a game, prompting the league to implement the new signal designs.

“The new signal design had been discussed for years by NFL officials, but when it became known that a player was involved, the change was made,” Puddle wrote.

“The new design was to keep the players on the field but to have them off the field.

While Purdy was able to confirm that the player in question was a player who played football, the man in question wasn’t one of the players involved in the incident.”

The new shape is more like the grid, which is a little more like this. “

And the NFL needed a new signal to deal with a football, and they needed to change it to a different shape so they could deal with the new football.

The new shape is more like the grid, which is a little more like this.

The grid is just this big circle.

It has two triangles that are bigger than the center of the circle.

But the grid has four points on each side.

So the four-circle is a square with four squares on each corner.”

Pierce reported that the new design also changes the way the traffic signals work.

The center of each signal is made larger, which increases the amount of time the traffic circles will remain visible.

Purdy added that the size of the signal will be larger, but he did not say if the size will be the same for every single signal.

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