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A new study finds the NFL has the lowest total viewership of any sport, even with more than 30 games airing every weekday.

In fact, the NFL doesn’t even have a weekly game on the Sunday Night Football schedule until the playoffs begin in October.

The NFL has only played a single regular-season game since 1970.

But there’s a lot of misinformation about the NFL.

It’s not a football league, and its teams aren’t the best in the world.

We’ve fact-checked the following claims.

We’re taking the numbers from the NFL, and using ESPN data to calculate average viewership.

The NFL has a huge number of games that don’t have a single national broadcast.

But its average viewership, which measures viewers who watch a game at least once, is more than 1.1 million, or just under one in every 1,000 people.

This means that every Sunday night, the average NFL fan gets at least one game on television every week, but he or she is watching just one.

So if you live in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Dallas or Philadelphia, you’re watching more than one NFL game each week.

The average viewer has more than 2.4 billion hours of TV watching time per year.

The average NFL viewer has an average of 2.25 billion hours, according to ESPN data.

That’s just under two hours a day.

That’s about half of the time it takes to watch a live NFL game.

The other half is spent watching a game on a computer or other device, including watching highlights.

The number of viewers is up, but not nearly as much as we might think.

In the late 1990s, the median audience for NFL games averaged 1.3 million people per game, according the Nielsen Sports Research Group.

It dropped to 1.15 million viewers in the 2000s.

In the last three years, it has dropped to less than 1 million viewers per game.

This is because more people watch a league than a team.

NFL teams are more popular than their counterparts in other sports, like the NBA, NHL or MLB.

But in the last few years, the ratings have dropped off dramatically.

Last year, the Dallas Cowboys were the league’s top-rated team, averaging 1.4 million viewers.

But the average viewer for the team averaged 1 million.

The same thing is true for the Atlanta Falcons, which was the league leader last year with 1.45 million viewers, according for Nielsen Sports.

That dropped to about 1.16 million viewers this year.

The bottom line is that if the NFL is going to continue growing, it needs to increase viewership.

But with the league playing in the third most-viewed league in the country, the fact that it’s down so far, it makes it difficult to have a full-on discussion of how many people are watching.

What you need to know in the NFL

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