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The next generation of cameras could make roads safer by providing a digital backup, according to an academic who believes that the technology will save lives.

The technology is known as geo-location and it relies on cameras that capture a picture of a road and send it to a server where a computer compares the angle of the roads and other details.

The software then uses the information to determine where traffic is.

It’s an idea that’s been around for a long time, and it’s gaining ground in some parts of the world as a solution to the traffic problem.

But there’s a big problem with using a car camera to monitor a road: cars aren’t actually driving the roads.

And that means they’re being tracked. 

The technology has already been tested by police and other agencies, and many of them are using it.

But many in the field believe that the problem with this technology is not the cameras themselves but the fact that the cameras aren’t even being used.

A study of 3,000 people, published in the journal Transportation Research Part A, found that of the 4.6 million vehicles tested, only 0.1 percent had a dashboard camera, and even fewer were equipped with GPS.

The researchers say this is because the dashboard cameras are only used to record information, and not to actually make a traffic signal or stop sign.

When cars are driving, the data that they capture is just a map of where they are.

And the data doesn’t show where the cars are going.

They don’t even show how many people they are passing.

This means that cars can be tracked far more accurately than we would like, and that people will be more likely to be killed in crashes when they’re actually travelling at the speed of the traffic.

“We’re not saying that cars should not be monitored,” said University of New South Wales engineering lecturer Dr. Michael Schreiber.

“But they shouldn’t be tracked in the same way as other people.

It is an area that we’re not looking at yet.”

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have been using a geo-camera system to test the effectiveness of using cars to monitor traffic.

A camera on the roof of a car would measure the speed at which the car was travelling and then use that to estimate where the car is going, using data that would be sent to the vehicle’s internal navigation system.

That’s a very useful technique, but the problem is that the system uses the data from the car itself.

In some cases, it’s even going to the car’s internal GPS to estimate the speed it was travelling at, and the vehicle would use that information to pass the car.

The car then uses this information to calculate the speed and direction of the road, but then, the car doesn’t even know where it is.

The result is that cars are travelling at a faster speed than they should be.

In the US, for example, a car travelling at 60 miles per hour can pass the slowest car in the road at 85 miles per time, with the speed being about 7 miles per second slower than the speed recorded by the camera.

That speed difference can be a big safety risk, especially for drivers.

When the speed difference is too high, drivers can get into dangerous or even fatal accidents.

The researchers found that when the speed in the camera is reduced to about 20 miles per minute, that number drops to about one in every three fatal accidents in the US.

Dr. Schreib said the technology would be much better if cars were already equipped with cameras that would provide more detailed information.

For example, he said, a driver could be programmed to monitor the speed, the angle and the direction of a given lane and then adjust the speed accordingly.

This would be a lot more reliable and accurate.

But the technology is still in its infancy, and some of the early projects have failed to provide sufficient data to be confident that the software would work.

In the meantime, Schreber says that the researchers are looking into how the systems work and whether they can improve the accuracy of the data being sent back.

The US Department of Transportation says it has funded the research, but has not set a timeline for getting it into the market.

In some cases where a driver is stopped and there’s enough data, the cameras could be used to monitor that driver in real time.

That way, if the driver is suspected of a crime, the system could send them an alert, giving the driver time to get out of the car and help them flee. 

But the researchers say that’s not always the case.

In one example, the researchers found a case where a man was stopped by police for driving erratically.

A dashboard camera was installed on the car, and its software was used to give the driver an accurate speed.

But the man was driving a different way, and there was a lack of data about where he was going.

Dr. Michael Rieger, a researcher at

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