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NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York City’s city attorney says he will seek a preliminary injunction that will stop Uber Technologies Inc from suspending the ride-sharing service and banning its drivers from New York state.

Lawyers for the city have until Friday to file the court papers.

In a filing late on Thursday, Uber said it would continue operating as normal as it appeals the injunction from the state’s highest court.

The court last week issued a preliminary ruling ordering Uber to pay $75 million in legal fees, plus $150 million in punitive damages to settle a lawsuit over its alleged discrimination against African-Americans and other minorities.

Uber said it is also appealing a lower court decision that allowed the company to continue operating.

Uber has been under fire in New York since April for the way it handles fares, which are charged based on how much time it takes for people to make their way to a destination, not based on whether the ride is accepted.

It was one of several ride-hailing companies accused of racial discrimination by a coalition of civil rights groups.

Uber denied wrongdoing in court documents but said it had been forced to shut down in New Jersey because of the state law that bars discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, age, disability or religion.

The city attorney’s office said it was asking for the injunction to prevent Uber from continuing to operate, and said the ride service could continue to operate at a reduced rate in New Mexico and California.

Uber is in a legal battle with the city over whether it has a business license.

A judge last month found Uber to be in violation of the city’s civil rights ordinance.

Uber had sued the city, arguing that it lacked the authority to impose its own fare system and that it had discriminated against minorities by charging higher fares to black and Hispanic drivers than to white drivers.

The city says Uber should pay the fines and seek reimbursement for lost revenue.