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CINCINNATI — More cameras, fewer people.

The Cincinnati Department of Transportation has announced the deployment of 3,000 traffic cameras across the city in a bid to curb the city’s annual surge in fatal crashes.

“We want to make sure we have the tools and technology to respond quickly and effectively to incidents and help protect lives,” said Mayor John Cranley.

More than 100,000 cameras will be deployed to monitor traffic, and about a third of those will be equipped with sensors that can detect when a vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed.

Drivers will be able to tap into a mobile app that will tell them if their vehicle has been detected.

Cincinnati police said the cameras will help with the citys annual traffic crash tally and reduce the number of vehicles involved in fatal collisions.

“We are excited to get this new technology in the Cincinnati area, and we will be sharing the results with our community and the media,” Cranley said.

According to the Cincinnati city government, more than 4,600 drivers were killed on the roads last year, and the city was home to more than 2,500 people killed in traffic crashes. 

Cincinnati has about 7,500 traffic cameras.

About 30 percent of those cameras are located along the I-71 corridor, and they are designed to capture traffic that is not traveling at high speed.

In a statement, Cranley praised the city for the “commitment” to safety and said the city will “continue to work diligently to make this city safer.”

More to come.