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Google’s new traffic school was one of the best in the business this year, and the company has a new video to prove it.

The video features Google’s Chief Scientist John Mueller, who goes through a number of scenarios, and gives a quick introduction to Google’s data, tools, and algorithms.

Mueller then shows a sample traffic pattern he used to create this traffic pattern.

Mueller’s presentation was one we’ll be seeing more frequently in 2018, as Google’s algorithms improve in ways that have led to significant improvements in the speed of traffic.

Traffic is still the main concern for many Google users, but it’s not the only one.

Mueller explains that Google has a few more algorithms in the works, and one of them could be able to help drivers to make better decisions.

The traffic video is part of Google’s Drive series, which will provide drivers with the ability to view data about their drive while driving.

The Google Drive series will debut later this year.

Google’s Google Drive for Business has also been a hit this year with drivers, and Mueller has now started the next phase of the series with his own traffic video.

He says that in addition to the traffic videos, he plans to use the video to introduce new features to Drive.

Mueller also shared some of the other new features Google has planned for the Drive series in 2018.

For instance, Mueller says that Google is working on an enhanced Google Drive integration that will let users share documents between Drive and other Google services.

Mueller said that the integration will make it easy for users to share documents from their Drive account with other people, and it will allow for faster and easier sharing.

Mueller told Ars that the video also includes a number new tools, including Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Cloud Drive.

One of the features Google plans to roll out to Drive users in 2018 is a new way for Drive users to control their Drive history.

The tool allows users to choose how long their Drive will stay in sync with other Drive users, so users can stay on top of their Drive content.

Mueller explained that the tool is currently in a preview phase, and that he doesn’t expect to see it in the general release until 2019.

It will be up to Drive to decide how they want to use this new tool.

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