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A new traffic camera has been installed on a bridge that connects the city of Portland with its suburbs.

The camera, installed by the Portland Traffic & Safety Commission (TPP) at the intersection of Oregon Avenue and State Road, captures traffic from all sides and provides a feed into a data system that maps traffic congestion.

According to the Portland Tribune, the new camera, called “PBS Cam,” is equipped with “a high-speed camera, a radar detector, a video camera, and an infrared camera to measure the movement of pedestrians.”

According to the PBS Cam website, “a person can look at the images on the camera for up to 15 minutes to see where they are in the street.”

According to Portland police, the camera captures “about 10 percent of the time during peak hours.”

The other 10 percent are captured during the night and when there is a significant amount of traffic.

Portland police have been looking into the possibility of installing more cameras, including a new one installed in Portland.

However, it appears the PBS cam is not the only camera in use on the bridge.

A Portland Traffic Cams website, however, states that “PTSC is currently in the process of developing a system to capture data on the traffic of pedestrians from other locations.”

The website continues: “Portland Traffic Camps system is currently being tested in a number of different locations, including in other major cities such as Seattle, New York, and Boston.

It will be tested with a number a pedestrians and bicyclists to see what works and what doesn’t.”

The PBS Cam system is also not the first traffic camera in Portland to be installed.

In November, the city installed a pedestrian and cyclist camera along the bridge between Eastlake and Lakeview.

The PBS Cam is similar in size and features similar features to the other traffic cameras in Portland and will capture video of the pedestrian and bicycle traffic at the crossing and on the roadway at the same time.

In November, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that the city would install two more cameras on the bridges.

“The City is also considering additional cameras along I-84, including on the Portland-Washington Bridge, which will be monitored to ensure that the traffic signals are safe for everyone,” Wheeler wrote in a press release.

“We are also working with the Federal Highway Administration to develop and implement safety enhancements to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists traveling in the city’s most congested areas.”

According the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the PBS Cams cameras are “not mandatory for the crossings.”

According the bureau, the cameras are installed “to monitor the traffic patterns and the visibility of pedestrians in certain locations.

It is not mandatory for any crossing to be equipped with cameras.”

The Portland Police Department told KGW that “they are working with partners and the Portland Police Bureau to make sure all of the information they collect is secure.

They do not want to have the public believe there is any risk of any cameras operating in a particular location, and we are working to secure our camera systems.

They are also not required to install cameras on all of our crossings.”

In February, the Portland City Council approved a proposal to install a traffic camera on a new bridge over the I-5 in Portland’s West End neighborhood.

The plan would cost $8.5 million.

The Portland Traffic Safety Commission is also working on plans to install two cameras on a pedestrian bridge over a freeway near Portland’s Port of Portland.

According to a press report, the traffic camera project would be funded by “a $2.2 million federal grant that has been awarded to the city from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

The funding would allow for construction of the cameras, which would cost approximately $8 million.

The Portland Bureau Of Transportation said that “The Portland-Seattle Freeway (which connects Portland with Seattle) has a pedestrian crossing and has been the primary route for pedestrian and bicyclist movement in the area.”

The bureau said that a pedestrian camera would be installed “on the southbound lane of the Seattle-Portland Freeway, and would be located on a location adjacent to the pedestrian crossing.”

The agency added that the project is in the “early stages.”

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