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The Australian Financial Commission (AFC) has revealed it will be asking for more information from retailers on how traffic safety tickets are made and awarded.

In a submission to the Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Retailers Association said retailers were “not adequately providing information on the use of traffic safety ticket criteria and on how they are used”.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan has pledged to improve transparency for consumers.

“We know that the current system is not optimal, so we will be working closely with the Competition Authority and ACCC to help ensure that the process is fair and transparent,” Ms McLachlin said.

The ACCC has not yet responded to requests for comment.

It is also the first time the ACCC is seeking the full data from retailers, rather than just the details of the traffic safety criteria used.

Ms McLachwin says she will ask the ACCI to review its current rules for the awarding of traffic tickets and to look into how the process could be streamlined.

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The ACCC submission was sent to the ACC and the ACC CIO, and it states: “We will work closely with ACCC staff to review the current traffic safety rules for traffic ticket award and consider any potential changes in the current process.”

“If you have any questions or concerns about the current procedures, please contact the ACCP or the ACC’s Customer Service Centre.”

Ms McLachelan says she wants the ACC to have the ability to issue fines for “a variety of breaches” of the rules, including for traffic safety breaches.

She says retailers are still free to refuse to make a ticket or forgo an award.

Consumer advocate Peter Dutton said it was a “big blow” for retailers that would be forced to provide more information about the process, and he called on the ACCS to change the rules.

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