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New York’s police force is in the midst of a massive push to deploy its surveillance cameras.

News.ie has learned that the NYPD is deploying nearly 200 new cameras in the city, which is the first time in the state.

The new cameras are being deployed in locations across the city as part of a pilot project that was launched in June and will expand to a larger number of police stations in 2019.

The NYPD will have cameras installed in at least 10 police stations by the end of this year, with the most recent being a station in Queens in the Bronx, where the first set of cameras will be installed.

Police are not currently planning to install more cameras in Manhattan, which will be covered by a pilot program that was announced in February.

News.ie also understands that the number of cameras installed will be limited to five, which has caused some confusion amongst residents, who were initially told that they would be able to use the cameras for a maximum of 30 minutes a day.

However, a spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed to News.co.uk that the maximum duration will be 20 minutes.

The spokesperson said the camera installation will continue at the locations where the pilot project has been implemented, including police stations, the NYPD’s Crime Lab and the New York Police Department’s Technology and Innovation Division.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed to reporters in February that the pilot program will continue in the New Haven, CT, area, which includes parts of the Bronx and Queens.

New Jersey Police Commissioner Paul Browne also confirmed that the program would continue at several locations in the Garden State, including Jersey City, Newark and Hoboken.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed to the news outlet that the city was “well on its way” to installing 200 new traffic camera cameras.

“We are very proud to have over 200 new police cameras installed to be deployed across the City, including in our busiest cities, in order to help ensure that New Yorkers get safer streets and safer places,” the spokesperson said.

News of the NYPD plan to deploy the cameras in New York comes just months after it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security was deploying new surveillance cameras at its ports of entry.

New Delhi’s police have also deployed more surveillance cameras in a bid to stop petty crime and increase public trust in the police force.

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