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Orlando traffic numbers are rising as the second major storm to hit the area this month approaches.

According to a new survey by the Insurance Information Institute, the average number of cars traveling in the Orlando metro area was 2,937 on Saturday and 2,925 on Sunday, a 12 percent increase from last week’s average of 1,923.

Traffic was down about 2 percent from last year, the IISI survey said.

The increase in cars on Sunday was mostly from drivers leaving for work.

About 7 percent of those surveyed said they were not able to find a way to get home after leaving work, compared with 3 percent in December and 3 percent on Dec. 6.

Traffic is up from January, the last month for which IIS IIS showed monthly traffic data, according to the I-Team.

In January, it was 2.5 percent of vehicles.

That’s down slightly from January 2018, when the city recorded a total of 3.9 percent of its vehicles in the hands of drivers.

But the IIST said the spike in vehicles on Sunday might be a sign that people are moving away from the area, or they are moving toward other parts of the state.

The Orlando area has experienced a spate of tornadoes in recent weeks, and the storm’s track left residents and businesses largely in the dark.

But some of the storm damage was visible from the ground.

People have been stranded at airports for days and not been able to get to work, but they’re still able to use the airport.

They’re taking flights and getting in to hotels, but the hoteliers are not being paid.

We’ve got a lot of hotel rooms open, and they’re not paying, the airport says.

The storm hit about a week ago.

The hurricane is a Category 3 storm that has already made landfall in Florida and has already damaged some homes and killed at least five people.

It is expected to continue churning through the Southeast and Florida, with sustained winds of 130 mph (205 kph).

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