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On Tuesday, the Department of Transportation released a Traffic Band Member Overview and Guide for Long Island and the surrounding regions.

The guide explains how the traffic lights work, their locations, the requirements for traffic, and the cost of each light.

The guide also offers tips for drivers who want to be more aware of how to use traffic signals and how to avoid being hit by the lights.

The Guide will be available on the DOT’s website from April 12.

The agency has also published a guide for those looking to set up their own traffic signal installation.

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to install your own traffic lights and how they will work.

It will also include directions on how they can be installed and what you will need to do to set them up.

The traffic band members are the same as the traffic signals, but they work at a lower speed, have a red warning light, and they’re only activated on a limited number of hours a day.

They’re a bit like traffic lights, but are activated only at certain times.

The first time you activate them, they’ll come on and blink for 10 seconds, and then they’ll go off for 30 seconds.

This will set the speed limit to 15 mph and will cause the entire intersection to stop for the first time.

The second time you set them, the speed is reduced to 15 and the light will blink for 3 seconds.

It’s then activated once again for 30, then it will go off once again.

The third time you place them, your speed is again reduced to 10 mph and the second time they blink for 4 seconds.

The light will then go off again for 3, and so on.

The fifth time you remove the signal, the traffic light is gone, but you’ll have to re-activate it to make it work again.

Once you’ve activated the traffic band, you’ll be able to see them on a map in the center of the road, and you’ll see their location in the upper right hand corner of your viewport.

They’ll also change color according to the number of bands activated.

The Department of Traffic also has a traffic signal information tool, and has posted videos and other informational material on the website.

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