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The state of Delaware has installed a camera network that aims to catch offenders and put them behind bars for violating traffic laws. 

The cameras, which have been installed in over 20 towns, were first announced in August, but have been in operation in just a few locations for now.

Delaware’s Department of Transportation announced the new cameras on Tuesday, and the department is currently testing the system out in the state. 

A total of 11 traffic cameras have been deployed across the state so far. 

“We’re seeing an uptick in crashes, an uptick on citations,” said Mike Wahlstrom, Delaware Department of Traffic Safety spokesperson. 

Wahlstrom says the cameras are intended to help reduce congestion in the area, but they aren’t meant to be a traffic deterrent. 

In order to install a camera in a certain place, the department must first ask the local police department for permission.

If the local government approves, the cameras will be installed. 

Once the cameras have collected enough traffic citations to cover the cost, the departments will then have the ability to use the cameras to catch motorists who are driving without a valid license or ID.

The cameras are being installed in Delaware and New Jersey, as well as in Pennsylvania, and will continue to expand in other states. 

At the moment, Delaware is one of a handful of states that has implemented a traffic camera network, and officials say that the system is designed to reduce accidents and fatalities in that state.

The Delaware Traffic Safety Commission is responsible for managing the cameras. 

Governor John Carney, a Democrat, has called for the state to increase traffic cameras to cover all the roads in the State of Delaware, but has said that the cameras won’t be mandatory. 

Despite the fact that Delaware is a red state, Governor Carney says that he wants to ensure that Delawareers who are speeding are prosecuted, and that his office will make sure that there is a system in place to catch violators who aren’t. 

While Delaware has only installed one traffic camera system so far, Wahlsten says that the state is confident that the number of cameras will increase. 

We’re in the early stages of this, and I don’t think it’s going to be long before we’ve installed a thousand cameras,” Wahlberg said. 

But for now, Wislenberg says that Delaware has already recorded over 50,000 traffic violations. 

If the system proves successful in Delaware, Widenberg says that they would be looking to expand the system across the country. 

As far as the cameras being used in traffic crashes goes, Walsh says that it is important to keep in mind that traffic accidents are not the fault of the driver. 

Delaware is already on track to become the number one state for traffic deaths in the country, and while the number is down, the number will rise again as more people get behind the wheel, Weshinberg says.

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