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It’s been two years since the first NYPD traffic cameras rolled across the city, but some New Yorkers are still confused about what they can and can’t do when a camera is flashing.

Last month, the New Yorkers for Safe Streets PAC, a group of civil rights and community groups, issued a report that found traffic cameras can help prevent the spread of serious crime, but that some New York City residents may be confused about their rights under the law.

The group also found that there is no set amount of money that can be used to buy a camera, and that there are some exceptions to the rules.

In its report, the PAC called for the city to adopt the new cameras, including one that allows motorists to block intersections without ticketing, and one that lets motorists use their phones to call the cops if they feel a camera should be turned off.

But the PAC report, which was released Tuesday, also said that New Yorkers can legally block the cameras on their own property if they’re not using them for a legitimate purpose.

The report says that while New York State law allows the city’s public transportation system to be used for enforcement, some drivers might not be able to do that if they have a traffic camera installed on their vehicle.

In addition, it said that drivers can block cameras with their phone, or they can turn them off if they don’t want them.

The PAC also said New York city officials have a responsibility to enforce the law and that some residents have concerns about how they’ll be able access the new law.

“In order to avoid having to pay for an NYPD enforcement vehicle to use for enforcement purposes, residents should be able turn off the cameras they don`t need,” the PAC said.

The NYPD has released more than 5,600 traffic camera video since the cameras were first installed in September of last year.

It has already begun using them to track illegal activity and help prevent traffic accidents, but critics are worried that some motorists might not know they’re using them and will continue to ignore the law when it comes to blocking traffic.

A spokesperson for the New Orleans police department said that it has not yet decided whether it will enforce the new traffic cameras, but it has begun implementing them.

“We’re still reviewing the report to determine what to do, but we believe we’re on the right track,” said officer Brian Ries.

The NYS Highway Patrol also issued a statement saying that it is reviewing the PAC’s report.

“The NYSDHPP has a strong commitment to protecting the safety of New Yorkers and our members, and will use every tool available to ensure the safety and security of all drivers,” the statement said.

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