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The new version of the Google Algo algorithm has some new tricks up its sleeve.

As we mentioned last week, Google introduced the new Algo Traffic tool to help users manage the overall traffic of their sites.

Here’s what’s new in the latest version.


More control Over traffic.

Google’s Algo traffic tool now lets you control the overall flow of traffic by choosing a subset of your site’s traffic sources.

This allows you to prioritize them by filtering out bad or slow traffic, for example, or to prioritize traffic based on your audience.


Better traffic management by Google Algos.

Google Algs can now also prioritize traffic according to your audience size, which makes it easier to prioritize your traffic to specific users.

Google also added support for “top priorities,” which lets you prioritize traffic to high-performing or popular sites, based on how they’re being used in the site.

Google says that if you have many pages on your site that you want to prioritize, you can choose which of those pages you want Google Alga to prioritize for your traffic.


Improved performance.

Google added support to its Algo tools for Google Analytics, so now you can view your traffic as a graph instead of a raw time series.

And Google now allows you, for the first time, to see the traffic from multiple Algo engines simultaneously.


Algo Tools update now available in the Google Search app.

Algofiles now automatically updates your site when new traffic comes in, and Algo Stats will now show you how your traffic has changed over time.

The new Alggo Traffic feature will be available in Google Search in the future, but we expect to see it in the app as well.

We also encourage you to take a look at Google’s new Alga Traffic tool, which has been a great tool for helping you manage the traffic of your sites.

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