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Police officers in some parts of the UK are using cameras to catch motorists in traffic jams and stop them from running down cyclists, despite the dangers.

The cameras can capture images of motorists in the road and the cyclist in front of them, so officers can use them to make a stop and check whether there is a risk of serious injury or death.

The Met Police have been testing the technology, known as a Traffic Jam Detection Camera (TJC), in the North-East of England and are testing the system in the north of the country as well.

The TJC works by tracking a cyclist’s movements using a GPS tracker on their mobile phone.

The camera has an infrared camera which allows it to see the movement of the cyclist, as well as a GPS sensor that lets it know where the cyclist is.

The sensor detects when the cyclist has stopped at a red light, and the camera can then follow the cyclist through the intersection.

If a cyclist is stopped at an intersection, the camera will show the road for a few seconds, but will not show the cyclist moving in the direction of the light.

Police have also tested the technology in a trial involving the deployment of cameras in a residential area in London.

The trial has so far recorded about 5,000 images, but there are fears the technology could be used to catch cyclists travelling in the wrong direction.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “There are currently no recorded instances of cyclists colliding with motorists at intersections in the UK.”

However, we recognise that the use of this technology can have a significant impact on the safety of motorists and cyclists, particularly if it is deployed in residential areas.

“The Met said the technology was being tested in a pilot scheme in the east of England, but the use is likely to be expanded to other areas as a result.

The force said it had not seen any cases of collisions between cyclists and motorists in its area of responsibility.

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