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The number of visitors to a website’s home page has a major impact on the quality of its website traffic.

The more traffic a site gets, the better.

But when you add in the visitors that come from mobile devices, traffic from those devices can also have a big impact on website rankings.

This is because mobile traffic has become the number one source of visitors for the most popular search engine in the world.

In fact, a study released earlier this year found that mobile traffic was the second-most popular source of traffic for Google after desktop search traffic.

With this data in mind, Google released a study earlier this month looking at how well websites can rank among the top 100 search engines in the US.

The study found that the average web traffic ranking for the top search engines was 6,073 points.

With only 1.5% of that ranking coming from mobile users, this puts a big dent in the ability of a website to reach the top of the rankings.

To figure out how well a site can rank for a given number of search queries, Google measured the average amount of traffic each site received on mobile devices.

To do this, Google analyzed the average number of visits to each site on mobile browsers across the different mobile browsers that were available to the public.

Google found that for the last two years, the average mobile traffic score of the top 10 search engines has been around 3,600.

The highest average mobile site traffic score was reached in October 2015, at 6,200.

For the past year, Google has also released data on mobile traffic for the major search engines.

This data, which can be found here , shows that the top 20 search engines received about 50% of mobile traffic from mobile browsers.

Google has noted that this data indicates that the search engine is improving its mobile site rankings, with a goal of getting their mobile traffic to equal or better that of the search engines on desktop search.

The next step for Google is to figure out what is the best way to optimize their mobile site.

With a big influx of mobile visitors coming from these mobile devices this will likely require some new strategies.