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Indianapolis, IN – November 9, 2019 – A new study shows that India’s traffic congestion and pollution problems could soon be solved if the nation were to completely eliminate the use of the interstates.

The study by researchers at Indianapolis-based Technological Consulting Services (TCS) shows that the country’s current highway system has the capacity to handle the annual traffic demands of an entire city of about 100,000 people.

This would allow the country to build the world’s second largest metropolis and attract a large population of commuters to the city of more than a million people.

The research was conducted by researchers from the Technological Research Institute of India, who have been conducting similar studies since 2011.

They have studied India’s current traffic congestion problem and its effect on the lives of its citizens.

Their findings have been published in the International Journal of Transportation Research.

According to their study, India’s total road traffic is around one-fourth of the countrys total population and has been steadily increasing over the last decade.

The researchers have identified a number of reasons for the growth of traffic, including the construction of roads and new development in urban areas.

However, one of the most significant challenges the researchers faced was how to solve the traffic problem.

Traffic congestion and road safetyThe research has also found that India is facing an increasing number of road accidents.

According to the research, India has one of highest road accidents rates in the world, and the toll on the country is estimated to be as high as one million deaths every year.

The researchers say the increase in road accidents in India has contributed to a severe health crisis in the country.

In 2016, there were around 7,000 traffic accidents per day on the roads of India.

This number is expected to increase to 10,000 per day by 2020.

A road safety expert and the chief minister of Maharashtra have also recently been in a war of words with traffic police officers over the issue.

Traffic police officers in the state have also been using social media to vent their frustrations with the government over its failure to address the problem of traffic congestion.

“A road accident in India is a serious event that is caused by a driver who did not obey the traffic laws.

The situation is much worse than what is being reported,” said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

A major part of the problem is the use and abuse of the highways in India.

Trail traffic in India and other countries, such as the US and Canada, is heavily used by private vehicles, and is often heavily congested.

The use of highways and the traffic problems that they cause are also a major source of environmental pollution.

According a report by the World Economic Forum, India currently ranks sixth in terms of traffic-related pollution.

The traffic crisis in IndiaThe study has also highlighted the impact of the construction and operation of highways on the environment.

Trajectory analysis has shown that India has an average annual increase of 1.4 inches of sea level rise.

This increase in sea level is expected as the result of the building of roads, particularly highways.

The number of landslides, floods and droughts that occur due to these natural events are increasing.

According a study conducted by the National Institute of Planning and Development, the number of major landslides has doubled in the last five years.

The report also found an increase in the incidence of air pollution in India, as well as a higher rate of asthma among children, which has been linked to the use or abuse of roads.

Traversing IndiaWith more than 1.1 billion people living in India , the country faces a huge traffic crisis and pollution problem.

According the report, India is home to over 70% of the worlds population.

While it is not possible to eliminate the pollution from all the roads and the infrastructure, the government can take actions to reduce the pollution.

India has an ambitious road infrastructure plan, including road development projects that will reduce traffic congestion in the coming years.

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