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A traffic lawyer in New York is helping the city’s drivers find out how to keep up with the traffic they see on their smartphones.

Alexa, a startup owned by Google’s Eric Schmidt, has developed a way to help cities navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of online traffic.

The app tracks the location of a device’s location, and automatically displays the best-performing cities in the country, with a score based on traffic and speed.

Users can then choose their favorite city and check off traffic restrictions to see if they can get around them.

Alexas traffic algorithm also looks at how the city works, from its business, culture, and population.

A city with a strong social fabric is at a better place to be than one that is less diverse or has a low population, said Alexa co-founder and CEO Nick Clements.

The new app was developed by the New York office of TrafficLaw, a traffic law firm based in the city.

A team of 20 attorneys and researchers has worked with the company to develop its traffic tool, Clements said.

The technology was developed using the city of Seattle’s data, which provides an accurate view of traffic patterns and the locations of major highways.

The city’s traffic algorithm is based on public transit data, and includes traffic cameras, speed cameras, road signs, traffic lights and other sensors, the company said.

It uses traffic data to calculate traffic fines for all the citys major highways, and to show traffic congestion, traffic volumes, and other statistics about a city.

The company has been working with the city to get its app to work, said Clements, a law professor at Syracuse University.

“It’s been an incredibly helpful and collaborative process.”

Alexa uses a proprietary algorithm to show a city’s best traffic, and then lets users manually select their favorite cities, he said.

The app’s algorithm also includes traffic restrictions, which it says helps cities maintain a “safe” traffic environment.

The goal is to help drivers see traffic as an information source, rather than an impediment, he added.

The tool can also be used to identify the best ways to navigate a city, he told Bloomberg.

“The real question is how we can give people the tools to find the best traffic routes for their journeys,” Clements told the news site.

Alexia is now testing the app with local law enforcement agencies in Brooklyn, Washington, and Seattle.

A company spokeswoman told Bloomberg that the company hopes to release the app to cities in 2019.

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