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The NFL Network pregame shows are becoming the new way for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite players and coaches during their games.

NFL Network will premiere its new series on Monday, June 25.

In addition to being available in theaters and online, fans will be able to watch the pregame on a tablet or iPhone with the NFL Mobile app.

The pregame series will feature a host of coaches, players, players’ wives, agents and coaches, according to the NFL Network.

The NFL Mobile show will also include a host in the studio who will be a part of the preplay show and the show itself.NFL Network also announced on Friday that it will launch an exclusive streaming service on the Apple TV.

The streaming service will stream all pregame and postgame shows for $10 a month, according the NFL.

The NFL Network is launching in an attempt to broaden its audience beyond the 30-plus-million-plus fans who watched the network during the 2016 season.

The show, which airs every Sunday, is a new way to watch games.

For those who can’t get into the stadium or who want to take the pre game with them, the pre-game shows can also be viewed on mobile devices and tablets.