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A ride with all the power of a Super Bowl?

Sounds like fun.

The biggest seat?

The one for this season’s “The Great Drive.”

The Philadelphia Eagles are hoping to use that seat for the 2017 season, and coach Doug Pederson and general manager Howie Roseman are both aiming to build on their 2016 success by creating a seat that’s more like the one used by their franchise.

The new seat is the latest in a trend in sports that’s seen a rise in the number of fans who want to experience events and activities that can be accessed with a car.

In the NFL, for example, seating for the Super Bowl has exploded, with fans wanting more space for tailgating and more open space for parties.

The Eagles, who play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10, have a lot riding on the seating plan.

The team announced Thursday it will have more than 4,500 seats available for the season opener against the New York Giants on Jan. 1.

The seats have been made available for $1,000 each.

The Eagles are seeking seats for a total of 6,500 fans, or about 10 percent of the total stadium seating capacity.

The seats will be on a “drive-thru” level, where fans can enter and exit from the stadium on the outside of the car.

They will also be equipped with a full-size projector that allows fans to experience the action on a big screen.

Roseman said the seats will include the same amenities as those that have been used by the Eagles for decades.

The seat is “the biggest, the best seat we’ve ever had,” Pederson said.

“I’m excited to see how people respond to this new opportunity.

The seats aren’t the only part of the new seat design that will offer a significant increase in seats for fans to enjoy. “

The seats are going to bring people in to the stadium and to the games and I think they’re definitely going to have a positive impact on how fans feel about the team.”

The seats aren’t the only part of the new seat design that will offer a significant increase in seats for fans to enjoy.

Roseland said the new seats will have four more “back-to-backs” than previous designs, which means there will be more open seating for fans who might want to sit in front of the TV and/or a big surround sound system.

Pederson praised the seating for its ability to create an atmosphere similar to that of the Superdome, but the seat is designed to be used by a wide range of fans.

Roseman said Pederson was impressed with the seating design.

“It’s a real statement of who we are and what we stand for,” he said.

“Our team is built around our fans, and we want to be a place that they can come to and feel like they belong.”

The Eagles will begin their drive-thrus on Jan., 5.

Rose’s team has been planning to start the season on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Roseman confirmed that the Eagles will have two drives per game this season.

The drive-through seats will open up to about 6,000 fans per game, or more than one-third of the team’s total capacity.

The game will be played on Jan, 12 at 1 p.m.


Rose and Pederson announced the new seating plans in a news release Thursday.

The move by the team to create the seat design came after Pederson met with Pederson in February, when Pederson took over as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In an interview with ESPN’s “NFL Today” on Wednesday, Pederson discussed his vision for the seating.

He said he has spent much of his life in the NFL.

Pedersen has served as a team executive, as a player, as an owner, as the team president and now as a coach.

He also is a former NFL executive and as a director of the University of Southern California’s athletic department.

In the video, Pedersen also said the seating designs will be “different than anything we’ve seen before.”

The seat design is the third in a series of changes to the seating plans for the Eagles this season that have raised hopes for the team.

The last one involved adding a third row for fans at the team facility.

The third row will be open to fans at home and away.