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Chattanooga, Tennessee (CNN) Chattanooga, Tenn.

— The traffic data, like all data, tells us only part of the story.

But this is a crucial moment for transportation, says Bill Kober, chief operating officer of TrafficBuddy.com.

“The real story is what the roads look like now, and what they’ll look like in the future,” he says.

The first two weeks of the month bring us an important milestone in Chattanooga’s road development.

On Friday, the city released its first two months of roadwork data.

In total, Chattanooga has spent about $1.4 billion since 2010 on infrastructure, and its road network is nearly 100% connected, according to the city’s traffic plan.

Traffic data from the Chattanooga Traffic Bureau, the City of Chattanooga, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol show that since April 1, Chattanooga’s traffic has grown by 11%, with the largest increase occurring in the city of Chattanooga and parts of Chattanooga County.

Here are the top five cities with the biggest increases: Chattanooga, TN: 5% Increase Chattanooga, AL: 6% Increase Knoxville, TN