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Police state, it turns out.

Europe’s countries most likely for the police state to exist, according to an analysis by Europol.

Europe has the highest percentage of the world’s population living under police surveillance, with an average of 15 per cent, according the European Monitoring Centre for Democracy and Security (EMCDAS).

This is also the highest among Western European countries, with 25 per cent of people living under surveillance.

The countries most at risk of the police-state system are: Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Poland and France.

Spain and Germany have the highest proportion of citizens under surveillance, while Italy has the lowest.

Italy’s police are generally perceived as being more lenient towards political dissidents and critics, whereas Germany’s police have been accused of using excessive force.

In Germany, a study by the Berlin Institute for International and Comparative Law found that the police had a record of beating, raping and intimidating political dissidents.

Spain is also at risk.

According to the EMCDAS, the Spanish police force has committed at least 11 murders.

In 2013, the police murdered 37 people, mostly people of colour.

In the first half of this year alone, the force had arrested at least 60 people in Spain.

The European Union, which is based in Brussels, said in a statement on Monday that it is working closely with the Spanish government to “combat the alarming trend” of a police force “that has become more authoritarian, authoritarianism increasingly aggressive”.

It also urged the Spanish authorities to “ensure that the law is applied with respect and integrity”.

The police chief of the Spanish state, Francisco Franco, told the Spanish parliament in March that police should be “in the shadows” and that the “systems” in place should be reformed.

Spain’s Interior Ministry has been criticised by rights groups for what they say is its heavy use of force, with several cases of fatal attacks, torture and murder involving police, including the deaths of Jordi Barros and Sergio Morales.

The Interior Ministry declined to comment on the report.

Spain has one of the highest rates of homicides per capita in Europe, with almost two a day, according a recent study by Amnesty International.

According the data, there were 1,742 people killed in Spain between December 2012 and July 2014.

The study also found that police in Spain are not subject to judicial oversight.

In a 2015 report by Amnesty, Spanish prosecutors and judges failed to investigate at least five cases of police abuse of suspects in a year.

The report also highlighted cases of the torture and killing of journalists.

A police union leader in Spain said in January that the public were being “stunned and shocked” by the data.

In response to the latest report, the European Parliament voted in favour of a law that would require the European Commission to investigate all cases of excessive force and abuse of power against people in the police.

The law is expected to be voted on next month. 

The European Commission said it would “monitor the implementation of the law and provide recommendations for the Commission in accordance with the principle of transparency”.

In response, the commission said that it would consult with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Union Human Rights Agency (EUHRAA) on the implementation.

The Commission is also investigating the death of a man who died in custody in the Spanish city of Alicante after he was subjected to a waterboarding session in January 2017.

In February 2018, the Commission reported that the Spanish Police Force “violently violated his human rights” by “torturing, abusing and murdering” him.

It also said the force “violated the right to freedom of expression by repeatedly applying excessive force”.

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