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The NYPD is investigating allegations that officers stopped a traffic lawyer on a Staten Island street and took him into custody for violating the law, the NYPD Traffic Lawyer Association announced Wednesday.

In a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner James O’Neill, the lawyer, David Bocchini, said officers detained him and took photos and video of him “without any justification or probable cause.”

Bocchini said in the letter that officers told him, “We’ve had enough of you.

I can’t tell you what you’re doing.”

He also said that after the incident, the officer told him that he could “get you to talk.”

The letter says the incident took place about a week ago, but the attorney said the officer could not recall if the incident occurred in November or March.

The letter said Bocardi was stopped by the NYPD’s Gang Enforcement Team on May 3 for violating a NYPD policy prohibiting public officials from entering a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Bocacci’s lawyer, who has a law practice in Manhattan, said that in the days leading up to the incident Bocchi was unable to obtain a driver’s license or a state identification card, as required by law.

The lawyer also said he had not been to a public event or received any notice from the city about his arrest, and the lawyer did not receive any written notice of his arrest.

He said in his letter that he was detained and then taken to the station for questioning after being stopped by NYPD officers in the middle of the night.

Bocachi told reporters Wednesday that he would not speak with reporters and that the incident had been handled in a “proactive, courteous and thorough manner.”

Bocachini is also seeking an injunction to stop the NYPD from detaining people who are not on the streets for traffic violations, the attorney wrote.

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