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The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) new traffic monitoring system uses an artificial intelligence program to monitor Portland’s network traffic.

The system monitors the traffic on Portland’s three busiest streets (E Olive St, Portland Street and Hawthorne St), which are all within two miles of each other.

PBOT says that traffic will not show up in the system until a person is in the same direction.

PBOTS new automated traffic system was designed to detect when Portlandians are traveling in traffic that has reached an unmet demand and to provide more accurate traffic counts to the Portland City Council.

The new system will help Portlands public safety efforts.

The new system monitors Portland’s traffic on its three busiest roads.

PBots new automated system was developed to detect traffic that is in an unanticipated demand, PBOT Chief Engineer John Stiles said in a statement.

Portland will be able to get more accurate and timely traffic counts in the future as well, he said.

While the system is not designed to identify people driving on the streets, the PBOT said it does offer a map of the Portland streets and the amount of traffic that’s expected to flow through each.

The new automated data-matching system will provide an improved understanding of Portland’s congestion and will be integrated with other traffic monitoring and analysis systems, including traffic cameras, traffic cameras at intersections and cameras at other intersections.