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The D.F.C.’s new Traffic Camera System has been heralded as a boon for safety and justice in the city.

But it’s also caused more than 30,049 deaths a day.

The D.D.C., which operates about 500 traffic cameras in the District, reports that in the first six months of the year, it reported a death in just under 1,500 of the city’s 1.6 million residents.

And that number is expected to climb as the cameras are installed.

In a letter to the city council last month, Commissioner of the District of Columbia, Mina Taylor, called the cameras “a public safety benefit that is essential to protecting residents, protecting traffic safety, and improving public health.”

The DCC, which is headed by Taylor and includes the police, fire, and other law enforcement agencies, is not required to report the numbers.

However, its annual report does make a list of the cameras that it has installed in D.E.C.:The DCEs website lists more than 3,300 traffic cameras that were either in operation or planned to be installed in the next five years.

The city also maintains a list for each of the departments and their cameras.

For instance, the DCC’s website says it has five cameras in use in the department’s District, and it says it had four in the district when it had six cameras in operation.

The report notes that D.DC.

Police reported about 20 deaths in its first six-month period, up from 14 the year before.

But the report notes it was more than triple the number of people killed in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, where the DDC operates cameras.

In addition, the report says the DCE reported more than 2,000 pedestrian deaths in the six months that ended June 30, up 25% from the same period in the same year last year.

In its annual review of the DCPs safety, its report noted that more than 50% of those deaths involved drivers who were traveling under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

That’s compared to about 11% of the population, the review found.

In the first year of the program, D.

Cs’ safety fell well short of that.

The police, meanwhile, reported a 26% increase in the number the department said were killed by pedestrians.

That was compared to a 5% increase the year prior.

In the first three months of 2016, the police department reported 16,824 fatalities, up 24% from a year earlier.

In June, DPD reported it had lost 496 officers.

Police chief Sam Dornan said in a letter he and D.MPD’s Chief Kim D’Amato “welcome the progress” of the traffic cameras and hoped the department could get back to its pre-Traffic Camera, Post-Trail, Post, PostTrail goal.

The mayor said he was “pleased” with D’ Amato’s progress and said the department is “just getting started.”

D’Amatos told the Washington Post that he’s pleased with D.PIs progress and the progress made by the police officers who are now in their 30s.