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The US traffic study, released on Tuesday, found that New Yorkers were overtaking drivers in every state, and the city was overtaking some drivers more often than others.

The study was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and looked at speed differences between cars, on the New York State Turnpike and highways in all 50 states.

The researchers compared the average speed of traffic in New York City with that of other states.

Across the US and the world, average speed has been on the rise over the last decade.

New York is overtaking the rest.

But it is not just about New Yorkers.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the city is overtaken by drivers from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida, and has overtaken New Jersey and Virginia.

The study found that the average New Yorker is driving faster in New Jersey than the average American, and that the state is overtaker by drivers who drive faster in Texas than New York.

In New York, the average car is travelling at 20.5mph compared with 19.8mph in New Mexico, 20.7mph in Arizona, 19.5 in Florida and 19.4mph in California.

The study also found that motorists are getting behind other motorists on New York streets, with drivers in Texas overtaking them in every one of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Times said that New York state police said there was no data on whether there were any cases of accidents caused by overtaking.

In a statement, the Insurance Department said the data was preliminary and could be subject to further investigation.

The IHS said that drivers are driving in New Yorkers traffic at an increasingly high speed. 

The study showed that in New Yorks average speed is 23.3mph, or 3.4kmph faster than for drivers in other states, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

The average speed was 17.2mph in Colorado, 19mph in Oklahoma and 21.9mph in Wyoming. 

New Yorkers use New York’s busiest roadways, and it is important for drivers to understand how they can best move through traffic on their own roads.””

It is important to note that the data used in this study was collected using an analysis that takes into account traffic flows from one highway system to another.

New Yorkers use New York’s busiest roadways, and it is important for drivers to understand how they can best move through traffic on their own roads.”

This study has important implications for all states and for the future of highway safety in the US.” 

The Times reported that the IHAS said that the results of the study would be released in a separate report in the coming weeks.

Last year, the US National Transportation Safety Board released a report that found that speed is the number one driver distraction for drivers.

The report also said that speed was a major contributor to vehicle crashes.

The New York Taxi Association said on Wednesday: “New York City is doing a terrible job of communicating to its drivers that speed can be a major distraction.”

The IHHS and other authorities need to make sure New Yorkers understand that the speed limits are higher than what they need to be.

The IHSA will work with the City of New York and other agencies to develop speed limits that are consistent across New York.”

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