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Jacksonville, Florida – Jacksonville, Fla.

– The city is planning to start offering autonomous taxi services in 2019.

A city spokesperson confirmed to The Hindu that the city is developing an autonomous transportation network.

“We’ve been working with Uber and other providers to bring autonomous transportation to Jacksonville.

We’re looking at various ways to offer this, including leasing, leasing-lease-lease, leasing a fleet,” said City Manager David Dolan.

This comes as other cities in the United States and the United Kingdom are taking steps towards offering similar services.

In July, Los Angeles, New York and Austin, Texas announced they would be offering their own fleets of self-driving cars.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are also planning to roll out self-drive vehicles.

In November, China and New Delhi are also working on self-driven cars.

Uber, which has operated self- driving cars for decades, says it is already offering taxis in some cities.

In 2018, Uber’s first autonomous taxi in New York City became the first fully autonomous taxi.