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Now that BET Awards are underway, we’re here to help you win them for your community, and the best of your community.

So here’s how to make the best possible decision about whether to enter the show, and what to do if you do.1.

Choose the Best BET Awards Show You’ll Enter2.

Pick the Right ShowYou may be wondering, “How do I know what to expect?”

We’ve put together a list of some of the BET Awards shows that you should definitely tune in to, so that you can get the most out of it.

In this guide, we’ll cover the key elements of the show as well as how to choose the right show for you.

This is a list that should help you decide whether to attend a BET Awards show, but if you’re unsure about a show, we’ve included some tips to help get you into the show.1) BET Awards is a multi-city event that takes place at multiple venues, including the Staples Center and the Staples Amphitheater.

So, choose the best BET Awards venue for your event, based on location.

There are multiple BET Awards venues, but the best way to find one is to use the BET website.2) The BET Awards takes place on February 19, 2020.

So if you can’t find a BET awards show near you, we suggest checking out the BET awards site and comparing the show dates with the dates of the awards show you’re attending.3) In 2018, the BET Award Show was the first time that BET premiered a new musical, and was nominated for three awards.

So be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to listen to the show on your home system before your show.4) It is always fun to see what other shows are doing on BET Awards night, so check out the live streaming and Instagram feeds from the BETs social media accounts.5) If you’re interested in attending a BET award show, you can always join a local music festival and experience live performances from top local artists.

There’s no limit to how many shows you can attend, so you can find a show near where you live.6) You can watch the live stream of the Best New Music Awards from BET on your phone, tablet, or PC, or download it from the site.

For a more thorough guide on what you should do and how to prepare for a BET show, check out this BET Guide to the Best Best New Shows.7) For the best entertainment at the BET award shows, there’s always a wide selection of BET Award-nominated musical performances that you may not know are coming your way.

The BETs awards season will be a special one, so be sure that you’re watching the right shows for you and your tastes.8) You may also want to bookmark this list to help keep up with all the latest BET Awards news, so if you miss anything, you know what’s coming.9) When you have time, check back in on the site every couple of weeks to see how you stack up.

We’ll update this list as new events are announced, and we’ll also keep you up to date on the BET’s music calendar.10) If there’s a BET you’d like to attend that’s not on this list, you should also check out our list of BET Awards Shows You Should Attend for more information.

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