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Here’s what a traffic signal looks like for you, an idiot in traffic:A traffic light: A sign that tells you if there is a speed limit on the road or a red light. 

A sign that says “Bicycle traffic” or “Vehicles on bicycles are allowed.”

A red light: That indicates a stop sign and gives you a green light.

A stop sign: That tells you that you have to move your car away from the stop sign.

A yellow light: You are not allowed to pass any vehicles on the left side of the road.

A green light: There is a red and yellow light on the right side of a road.

A green light is green when it is flashing, yellow when it isn’t and red when it’s flashing. 

The light is also called a stop light, a turn signal, a speed camera, or a stop lamp. 

Traffic light systems have evolved over time, but in some parts of the world they are still mostly in place.

In other parts, they are largely obsolete. 

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