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The National Football League Players Association filed a lawsuit Wednesday to challenge a federal court ruling that will allow some players to wear red T-shirts while on the field.

The players union, led by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, filed the suit after a federal judge in Atlanta ruled that NFL players who wear red “red T-shirt” shirts during games have to wear them in other ways.

The union, which represents over 250 NFL players, has said it will fight the ruling until the court rules in its favor.

A U.S. district judge in Georgia last month ordered the NFL to immediately begin allowing players to display their red T shirts during team-related events, such as practice and games.

A trial is scheduled for March 4.

The NFL has argued that allowing players who have red shirts is an expression of their “right to wear a red shirt” and that it is unconstitutional to force them to do otherwise.

The NFL said it is disappointed the judge has sided with the players.

“The NFL is proud of its members’ unique personalities and has created a welcoming and inclusive environment for them to express themselves on the football field,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

“The NFL’s players will continue to be treated with respect, and we look forward to the court’s ruling.”

The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the Players Association in 2015.

The union asked the court to declare the NFL’s decision unconstitutional and asked the judge to issue an injunction against the commissioner’s order allowing players with red shirts to wear their red shirts during game activities.