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The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is on the verge of rolling out a new traffic-monitoring system for the city’s roads.ADOT plans to start deploying the system on Friday, August 23, with its first phase expected to be operational by the end of the month.

The system is expected to have three phases, including a system for motorists to report violations, which could include speed and other driving behaviors.

ADOT has already begun testing the system, and it could be rolled out in phases one through four, said ADOT spokeswoman Melissa Norelli.

As part of the traffic-control program, ADOT will install traffic cameras that will be visible from all sides of the road to let motorists know when their vehicles are at risk.

In addition, the system will have traffic signal timers that can alert motorists to slow down or slow down when they see the traffic camera flashing, Noretti said.

ADOTS is also considering using automated enforcement of speed limits on major roads, she said.

The traffic-screening program is a joint effort between ADOT, the Phoenix Police Department, and the Phoenix Area Traffic Safety Authority (ATSA).

Both agencies will be responsible for maintaining traffic lights, signaling, and road-surveillance cameras, Nomelli said.ATSA’s role in the program will include installing traffic cameras and monitoring traffic for speed and weaving violations.ADOS plan to conduct a traffic-spotting survey with drivers to collect traffic data and then report any violations to the DOT.

ADOS will also have an automated enforcement program, which will be staffed by trained officers and equipped with video cameras and sensors.

ADos plan to use the traffic information to monitor roadway conditions and improve road conditions, Nunelli said, noting that the program is expected be complete by the beginning of the summer.

The project is one of several initiatives ADOT is rolling out to address traffic safety.

The ADOT program is also expected to provide some financial help to motorists in the coming months, Noresi said.

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