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A driver who drove drunk and smashed a traffic camera while speeding into a checkpoint was sentenced to six months in jail.

A court in Jerusalem on Wednesday sentenced the driver, who was a member of a gang, to six-months in jail for causing the accident that killed a traffic officer.

The judge said the driver did not use the emergency brake or stop the vehicle immediately after it crossed the red line at the checkpoint, which was set up to prevent speeding.

The court did not give a specific sentence, but said it would be suspended if he served no more than six months.

The driver was not allowed to drive for six weeks before his court appearance.

A judge said his actions will lead to a more serious penalty.

The traffic cameras were installed in the southern city of Jaffa last month.

The incident occurred on November 14, after the officer was stopped at a traffic light on the road leading to a security checkpoint.

The officer was walking with his knees slightly bent when he saw a driver driving with his feet on the wheel of the vehicle.

The cop called for help.

The driver sped toward the officer and struck him, causing him to be knocked to the ground.

He sustained serious injuries and died at the hospital.

The other officer was lightly injured.

The video of the incident, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times, was posted online.